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"Next Step" text field as a main field

whall says:
I have a lot of todo's. Switching between them sometimes happens in a flurry of activity. Or, I may delegate a task to a team member. But when I have a task, a lot of times I just need a single one-liner reminder of what the next step is.

RTM offers a large "NOTES" capability, but that is a bit too much overhead for what I need. NOTES is great for detail, but I don't want to have to create, update, delete... I'm just wanting a one-liner that I type in, and when it's done, I type in something else. This should be editable from the same place where tags, location, url, due, repeat, etc.

So, a simple glance at a task might be

Task: Lab training prep with Jim
Due: never
Repeat never
Time estimate: none
Tags: Lab
Location: none
URL none:
Notes: 0
Next Step: schedule mtg with Jim and Bob

For GTD methods, now I have a lot less work to do to know what my next step is... I know I just have to schedule a mtg with Jim and Bob. I don't have to create a subtask, or create a note (or click on a note link, and then when it's done, have to delete it, which would take up another record in your database)... it's just a field easily accessed. And when I'm done scheduling the mtg with Jim and Bob, I can quickly edit that one-liner field and put in the next "next step".

Bonus: one way to get bonus points on this would be to not just add a "next steps" field and text box, but allow user to add their own self-named fields. I think most people would like a "next steps" field, but it's conceivable that some would not like it, and some might complain that a change was made.

So a *better* way to satisfy my request and actually provide even more functionality is to add a feature where users could go into settings and add their own top-level field(s), name them, and have a small set of choices of what type of data field it is.
Field name: [ ]
Field type: Text field, Date, Text box,

But I'd be happy if it just started off with text field.
Posted at 5:52pm on July 17, 2017
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