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Settings / apps / integrations > Evernote

carlosleitao says:
To include Evernote as an authorized application inside Settings/Services (old inteface) or Settings/Apps (new one).

Nowadays, if you have integrated RTM with Evernote, you can not see it there! (and, in my opinion it must be there).

Then, you can:

1) Confirm services are integrated
2) Revoke access (as an option)
3) Test if integration is working properly (please, include this feature Bob!).

By the way, if you check Google, Evernote, IFTTT, and all services (that I know) that allow integration with other services, they have a dashboard with ALL the services you have linked to your account.

Bob, time to action!!!

Also, please, check 2FA and automatic backups deployment.
All these features are very urgent!

[Message to the reader of this idea]
Please, vote about this one, 2FA and automatic backups.

Bob needs to know you care!

Posted at 7:45pm on April 7, 2017
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