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Facebook integration

mystwillow says:
Could we get a Facebook module for RTM? I'm loving the new applications feature on there and I think this would be a great addition!
Posted at 5:42am on May 31, 2007
kyle.olbert says:

IF there was any way to replace the current CONTACTS feature w/ FACEBOOK FRIENDS... or at least supplement the current CONTACTS w/ FACEBOOK FRIENDS.... oh my gosh that'd be AMAZING!

Posted 14 years ago
jnathan says:
This is an absolute no brainer. Please make this happen
Posted 14 years ago
(closed account) says:
Yes ! Plz make RTM Facebook app :)
Posted 14 years ago
zaka says:
Facebook integration would be a great idea, especially if it could somehow link in to Events / Groups...
Posted 14 years ago
kyle.olbert says:
I would pay for RTM if they added it into Facebook well... supplemented contacts w/ Facebook friends... etc.
Posted 14 years ago
jcasabona says:
Add/Edit/Delete tasks is all I would need out of a Facebook app!
Posted 13 years ago
morisimo says:
I am also for a facebook app too!
Posted 13 years ago
jz3333 says:
There needs to be a Facebook group! Someone please make one and post a link!
Posted 13 years ago
draconid says:
This would be a fantastic addition!
Posted 13 years ago
angela.randall says:
Yeah, I'd love it, too. :)
Posted 13 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
A few minutes ago, I saw the Highrise thread, and while I think that's a more elegant application, the people and the herd are all over Facebook these days. It might not be a bad way to expose new users to RTM and draw them over here to the full feature set. The trick would be to stand out from the herd. 30Boxes is over there, but the only list application I've seen is awful, so I bet you could do something that would stand out.
Posted 13 years ago
johnfoland says:
Here's the thing : Almost no one will use it. You may think that you yourself would, and maybe you're right, but in the end, the vast majority of people don't recognize the intrinsic value of organizing their tasks.

Sure, if you have a full team of people all on Facebook and RTM, this could potentially be useful (one less step to send and receive tasks while you're browsing Facebook?). But to send someone a task, they must already be an RTM user, and hence you can collaborate and delegate déjà using the RTM interface.

Yeah, I know, a lot of people use Facebook, but how many of them want you to send them tasks? How many of them would know what to do if you did? How many would actually perform the task that you send them?

I think this is more of a project for a third party developer (maybe even you!) to write in their spare time with RTM's API. Hey, perhaps I'm totally wrong and the mass populace isn't the lazy bunch of monkeys that I think it is (no offense, Bob, you're much further evolved).
Posted 13 years ago
angela.randall says:
Yeah, I actually thought about it after I added my comment and realised it'd be pretty useless. I mean, I don't want to show my to-do list on my profile. So what's the point? :)

Posted 13 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
The core of the Facebook community is students, and don't students have tasks? Teachers could in fact use RTM to distribute assignments. My grad school teams would have loved something like RTM and Facebook.

I agree that we're not mainstream here in the RTM forums, but I think that managing bills and homework and the whatnot of life is a pretty widespread issue.
Posted 13 years ago
johnfoland says:
Yes, ranbarton, you're right, there are a lot of students on Facebook. Furthermore I think that such a Facebook application could serve as a way to increase RTM awareness.

But then we come back to my original point, being that everyone has to be a member of both RTM and Facebook to make use of such an application. And if you're going to be a member of RTM, why not just send tasks through RTM?

In short, unless you add more functionality to the Facebook application itself (such as dynamic group distribution lists), it's better to just use RTM and forget Facebook. Actually, no, forget that, I created a Facebook group for RTM. I love Facebook.

By the way, ranbarton, I'm glad you mentioned the use of RTM in an educational context... I have a mega-idea that I'm going to propose soon!
Posted 13 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
jkalvin, thanks for creating the Facebook group -- that's awesome. I just joined :)
Posted 13 years ago
johnfoland says:
Emily- Awesome that you and Omar joined. I set you both as admins.
Posted 13 years ago
angela.randall says:
I just joined too. Not that there's probably any point, since all RTM ideas will be over here.. but it might raise awareness and get some new RTMers. :)
Posted 13 years ago
bzpilman says:
Let's hope so :)

Overall, it's us showing our support, and maybe becoming a stronger community ;D
Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
this is the best idea yet.
Posted 13 years ago
ojcit says:
"Yeah, I actually thought about it after I added my comment and realised it'd be pretty useless. I mean, I don't want to show my to-do list on my profile. So what's the point? :) "

The beauty of RTM is that it allows a simple way to operate intelligently on lists. Facebook has millions of lists (networks, groups, application data), and mind-boggling potential for enhancing group organization, cooperation, and communication. Granted, most of the apps now aren't tapping into that potential, but give it time.

What I'd want in a facebook (or other social network) app/plugin would be the ability to
* import/export contacts & friends & groups
* delegate tasks to groups
* coordinate facebook events in RTM
* refer to facebook users systematically in RTM tags, tasks, or notes
* dynamically populate soft groups of people working on similar tasks (by checking public lists for tags or other lexical analysis)
* identify experts at certain tasks
* exchange tasks with other users in an auction-like system
* poke people to remind them to GTD
* update status history with tasks completed ("Oscar has completed his laundry." Maybe that one should be off by default.)
* assist in distributed project management for volunteerism, flash mobs, open source projects, etc.
* rate the efficiency and quality of another user's completed task
Posted 13 years ago
michael.mercer says:
I second Ojcit's post.
Posted 13 years ago
ladyleia says:
At the very least, a page should be made for RTM so that it can get more publicity by people "becoming fans" of it. I'd be a fan, for sure!

I don't see the use in a FB app really... I much prefer the iGoogle gadget for RTM.
Posted 13 years ago
dmd1272 says:
yes, yes
Posted 13 years ago
vizionquest says:
Would like to see both a Facebook App and Fan Page. It would be great to see my tasks there as a reminder to me but not let others see it.

You should at least create a Facebook Fan Page because it will increase awareness and membership.

I just found the RTM group on Facebook but just because I saw it in an earlier post in this thread. When I search for RTM in the search box on Facebook, no results are found!

I recently reviewed and graded RTM, you can see it here:

Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
From a thread I made a while back:

So I have started using RTM and I think we can all agree it's great.
But it's missing a big feature for me: Facebook Integration.

Why does it need Facebook integration?
Well for starters, I don't ever want to miss a friends birthday. All my friends are on Facebook, and Facebook knows when all their birthdays are. So I will never forget again!

There are loads of other reasons it would be good: I could publish my tasks for others to see, add my contacts using it etc etc.

I am sure you can think if ways you would like it to work.
If anyone uses "30 Boxes" then they have actually done something similar to this:

What do you think?
Posted 12 years ago
heiner.fruehling says:
Hi all!

Any news on the Facebook - RTM thing? If nothing happened so far, I and a friend of mine might take a look at this. We're both web developers and want to look into developing FB apps and thought this would be a good starter.

Any comments appreciated!
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
Just to let you know, as I have been considering the same:
The feature I am most interested in is getting my Facebook birthdays into Remember the Milk.

You can use this Facebook application to export your contacts birthdays into an iCal file:

So you now have a file with all the birthdays in it, and you can easily format the data in that file to however you want.

You just need to work out how to import that data into RTM.

Hope that's of some use. Keep me posted because I am seriously considering doing this...

Posted 12 years ago
mensurationist says:
I would be very interested in seeing RTM as a FB app, integrated the same way as per Gmail - that would put me over the edge for a Pro upgrade.

What are the chances?

Happy 2009 everyone!

Posted 12 years ago
tetsuyasu says:
I think it's a good idea!
Posted 10 years ago
microstruct says:
me apunto a la iniciativa de facebook share, podrian tambien agregar para twitter y email.
Posted 9 years ago
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