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Show task on multiple days (between start date and due date when provided)

ornorm says:
Show the task on multiple days in Google Calendar when a start date has been provided in RTM.
This may also be an option when only a start date has been set with a number of hours (estimate). RTM would then automatically calculate the number of days that will be assigned to the task (i.e. start date = today & estimate = 40 hours -> task would be shown on two days).
Also possible if only a due date is set and an estimate but with an opposite effect in Google Calendar (i.e. due date = tomorrow & estimate = 40 hours -> task would be shown on today and tomorrow in Google Calendar)
Posted at 6:08pm on November 29, 2016
eric.weinstein says:
I second this option!

To put it very simply:

For example, let's say the I have 2 tasks:

Task 1 has DUE date of TODAY
Task 2 has START date of TODAY and due date next week

I would like to open my iPhone calendar to today and see both task 1 and task 2.

Right now I see only task 1 in the calendar.
Posted 1 year ago
eric.weinstein says:
Any update on this item?
Posted 5 months ago
ornorm says:
Unfortunately not, I haven't seen anything for the moment related to this...
Posted 5 months ago
sonyasinglee says:
Yes please! I rely heavily on viewing my tasks using ical and I think this functionality could almost turn any calendar into a Gantt chart.
Posted 4 months ago
robfreundlich says:
If you decide to implement this, would you please make it work for RTM views that are grouped by Due Date as well? See
Posted 13 weeks ago
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