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OneNote Integration

onerror says:
OneNote integration would be great! Most of all it would be interesting to intergrate a notebook with clipped articles as an Articles list in RTM. Work tasks list would go to the Work list in RTM. Maybe there are more useful things but integration like this is must have, especially taking into account that RTM already has Evernote integration.
Posted at 11:33am on October 12, 2016
jamezzz says:
Guessing this might be a tough one as OneNote is a very different beast than Evernote, but this would be a great integration if possible. I would suggest a custom RTM tag be setup in OneNote such that anything tagged RTM in OneNote would be synced with RTM, creating a new task. Then the "completeness" of that task would be synced. Custom tags within OneNote can be associated with different symbols, one of which is a working checkbox. Even if the sync was such that tasks tagged as RTM in OneNote got synced to RTM and the checkoff or completion of that task got synced both ways, that would be awesome.

Bonus points, if someone could figure out how to sync a new RTM task with a new note in OneNote! Maybe in that case, the Title of the new note would get tagged as RTM. Unlike Evernote, where an entire note gets a tag, you tag a specific line of text or asset within a note in OneNote.
Posted 3 years ago
casparewals says:
If you are a pro-user you could make a custom outlooktask in one-note. Youre outlook-RTM sync can do the rest
Posted 2 years ago
nmuenzner says:
As there are now Google Drive and Dropbox Attachments, OneNote could be a nice low hanging fruit?
Posted 2 years ago
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