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Password save for desktop app

mshancock says:
I really like having the native app on Windows 10, so it minimizes to tray, has its own icon, etc., but there's no easy way to remember or autofill my password. I know there's the "stay logged in" option, which I use, but this gets reset every once in a while. On web, Lastpass can autofill so I just press "log in", but in the native app I have to cumbersomely go to my browser and copy the password from lastpass.

Being a native app, it seems this info could be stored locally and safely and still use the web interface.
Posted at 2:14pm on October 11, 2016
jameyers4 says:
So agree...

A plead - please consider this request. It's been a request of mine for a long time for both native Mac and Windows.

I'm open to work around if anyone has one.
Posted 1 year ago
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