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Google Keep integration

tbar2112 says:
I recently replaced Evernote with Google Keep, and would love to have the ability to link and/or view Google Keep notes within RTM
Posted at 11:51am on August 2, 2016
mudding41 says:
I'll 2nd that
Posted 3 years ago
ben.a.parish says:
I'll 3rd it.
Posted 3 years ago
johnsdr says:
4th vote
Posted 3 years ago
nicholasden says:
Posted 2 years ago
mrjonathansmith says:
Posted 2 years ago
peter.smulders says:
Perhaps not what you want, but every note in Keep has its own URL; you can just copy&paste that in the URL field in a task. NB: this applies only to whole notes; it is useless for linking to specific lines if you use the checkbox feature of Keep.
Posted 2 years ago
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