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PocketMod printing option

ricky.webster says:
I'd would be greatly appreaciated (by me at least) if the printing abilities were upgraded to include something along the lines of this: .
Posted at 4:20pm on October 24, 2005
davenorthrup says:
Yes! Printing options need improvement. I'd love a pocketmod style option...
Posted 11 years ago
aloys says:
Yes! that would be great!
Posted 11 years ago
paolo.lodi says:
I noticed that some competitor offers this feature for free. I would like to use it without leaving RTM
Posted 9 years ago
tutunkommon says:

This would definitely be a big benefit. There is that has a download available. This links to a single RTM list and remembers the configuration between sessions. Very nice.

I would really like to be able to have 3 different lists in my booklet tho (Home NA, Work NA, and Errands NA) which Repocketmod does not support.

If RTM had this natively, it would be awesomeness incarnate!

Posted 9 years ago
whiteheadj says:
This would be brilliant.
Posted 9 years ago
afavere says:
Definitely. I would love this.
Posted 9 years ago
mtelesha says:
Yes please! (Austin Power's voice)
Posted 9 years ago
mystwillow says:
I think this would be pretty cool as well.
Posted 9 years ago
lizpf says:
Add this newbie's vote to the count!

I use a "hipster PDA" (set of index cards and space pen in my front pocket), and RTM would be infinitely more useful if I could print my tasks (with notes) to any format that could easily fit on a 3x5 piece of paper.
Posted 9 years ago
mwavis says:
Hear hear!
Posted 8 years ago
andrew.leichter says:
Agreed. Enhanced printing format and pocket mod would be very useful.
Posted 6 years ago
tismey says:
Enhanced printing offering this kind of option would be excellent. Next best thing would be to make Smart Lists publishable so we can use Pocketmod to make our own.
Posted 5 years ago
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