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Import tasks in iCalendar format

revox says:
I'm waiting to actually start using RTM, as it looks fantastic, but can't as I have so many to-dos locked up in my iCal app. As soon as RTM adds an iCalendar import feature, I'm sure many more people (including myself) would hop on board. Lots of folks have built up substantial to-dos/reminders in various programs and can't just re-type them all.
Posted at 12:25am on May 6, 2007
(closed account) says:
Could you try importing them through email-import? That's what I intend to do. You lose notes attached to tasks when you use list-import, but in my case I could probably get by with sending these in separate emails.

Posted 12 years ago
nostrumuva says:
any form of backup capable of export/import is fine for me I just want to be able to back up.
Posted 7 years ago
nah.why says:
Posted 4 years ago
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