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Don't keep asking me to login on the desktop app

porum says:
Once I've installed the desktop app & logged in, I should never be asked to log in again. Even if the app is closed. (I'm using the mac app)
Posted at 1:39am on March 12, 2016
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi porum,
You may want to make sure "Stay logged in" is checked in the login screen under the username/password.

If that doesn't help, can you contact us so we can help more specifically? Thanks!
Posted 1 year ago
fxf8klc says:
Having the same issue. Have to log in about once a week since I have the Mac desktop app. There is no pattern detectable why this is necessary. "Stay logged in" is checked, of course.
Posted 10 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi fxf8klc,
You should stay logged in for 1 month with "Stay logged in" checked, so you may want to remove and reinstall the app if this continues.

Keep us posted on what you find!
Posted 10 months ago
johnfoland says:
I get asked to log back in frequently, too. I've reinstalled the app and always have "Stay logged in" checked.
Posted 5 months ago
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