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Website and Android app both need a dark theme

taskmachine says:
Both the website and the Android app need a dark theme. Having even more themes would be even better.
Posted at 3:07pm on February 6, 2016
shardvicens says:
Great idea. I love using dark themes because I feel that they save battery, energy. I also feel they are better for the eyes, especially at night.
Posted 4 years ago
trapdoor says:
Definitely would appreciate a dark theme for the web app!
Posted 3 years ago
abonhote says:
Seconding this. I like the blue, but dark doesn't hurt eyes.
Posted 3 years ago
dave.liao says:
The mobile app needs the ability to reflect themes set on the desktop/web app. Hopefully that's coming soon!
Posted 3 years ago
wolf53 says:
Dark theme option for website and iOS versions would be a great addition. Please implement. Thanks.
Posted 3 years ago
brookdale says:
When waking up in the night because tasks still evolve from never sleeping parts of the brain, it is really helpful for me going back to sleep to add them immediately to RTM. A dark theme would really help the sleepy eyes and to not wake up fully by watching the white light from my smartphone/tablet!
Posted 2 years ago
student975 says:
Dark theme is a matter of accessibility for not too young eyes, when all other apps have got dark background, and switching to light theme is real stress for eyes and brain.

I have very long list of apps with dark theme: Android itself, book reader, extensions for browsers, Intellij IDEA, KDE with all it's apps, and so on. Practically all apps in use at my case.

Frankly speaking dark theme absence is absolute show stopper and the reason to prefer other competitor rather RTM.
Posted 2 years ago
adr82 says:
A proper dark theme would be really nice - none of the web themes available change the background of the task list so it always stays blindingly white. I can't imagine it'd take long for an RTM developer to put together a theme that fixes this properly.

In the meantime, I got sick of staring at that white background and slapped together a basic dark theme for the webapp that can be applied via the Stylish extension for Chrome/Firefox. It's not perfect but is working well enough for me so far.

If you want to try it, the CSS rules and a screenshot can be found here:

To use it, open Stylish options, select "Add new style", and copy/paste the CSS into the "Code" box. Then click "Specify", change the dropdown to "URLs on the domain", and put "" in the text field.

Note: I've also set the RTM theme to the plain dark grey background, not sure it'll work as well with any of the others.

Disclaimer: I'm not a web developer and I'm sure there are bits of the web UI I've missed, so some text may not be very legible. If anyone would like to build on this and cover all the corner cases I've probably missed, please do :)
Posted 2 years ago
jimmyytran says:
Dark theme for Android would be greatly appreciated.
Posted 1 year ago
andrey.akinshin says:
Posted 1 year ago
janvanderploeg says:
Desired is Dark mode for the web app, which is either activated and deactivated at specific times. Or with a simple switch button at the top right of the web app
Posted 9 months ago
adr82 says:
I've just noticed the Android app does now have a nice dark theme! Not sure how long it's been there as the default seems to be to switch between light/dark based on time of day.

Since this has now been done, can we *please* get a proper dark theme for the webapp too? Applying any of the current themes still only changes the side and top bar backgrounds, ignoring the task list area which occupies the bulk of the screen. That's pretty useless...
Posted 6 months ago
antunesrodolfo says:
Yes, a dark theme is essential today, since a lot of websites and softwares have dark themes (even stackoverflow does). Especially at night, I'm always afraid of clicking RTM's tab because I know its like a punch in the eye, hahaha
Also, a dark theme for the free accounts will be much appreciated :)
Posted 13 days ago
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