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Quicksilver (revisited)

dennis says:
For Mac users, Quicksilver integration would be awesome as well. Anyone using RTM with Quicksilver? I was looking at another online task manager that has QS integration and that takes the product to the next level. It would be great to see RTM and quicksilver together!
Posted at 11:40am on April 30, 2007
wcitypoe says:
If you're using, you can use the Email (Send Directly) function to somewhat approximate integration. It's not perfect, but it's something.
Posted 10 years ago
hunkdujour says:
wcitypoe's suggestion works GREAT for me. =)
Posted 10 years ago
wcitypoe says:
Happy to help, but it's something I picked up elsewhere; I want to say Lifehacker or 43Folders.
Posted 10 years ago
matthew.boatman says:

Here you go.
Posted 9 years ago
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