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Sync with locations saved in 'My Maps' for Google Maps

bjhexom says:
Why can't I use my locations I've already created on Google Maps? If RTM uses Google maps already, can't we just interface with the saved locations I've already developed there? Why do I have to creat a whole new set of locations specifically for RTM??
Posted at 3:14pm on April 22, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
bjhexom, thanks for your suggestion! We created our Locations feature last year (before Google allowed users to save locations on maps) so it wasn't possible when we launched this, but it's definitely something that we'll check out for a future addition.
Posted 13 years ago
karsten.seiferlin says:
I absolutely support this idea. Good work so far anyway!
Posted 11 years ago
dixonge says:
Posted 11 years ago
jumpnett says:
This is a great idea. It would make google maps a whole lot more useful, and RTMs locations a whole lot more useful.
Posted 7 years ago
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