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Link to create a Evernote note from Remember The Milk

ralfvd says:
The new Evernote links sounds awesome, and it seems to work. Hooray for Bob and his bananas!

What would be extra cool -banana wise- is to have a button in Remember The Milk to _create_ a Evernote-note and link it to that item in RTM.

This way, after creating a reminder (e.g. to write a certain piece), you can easily create a Evernote for it and start typing away in Evernote, directly from the link in Remember the Milk.
Posted at 6:12am on May 29, 2013
(closed account) says:
+10! RTM is my GTD system and EN is my archive. A seamless link between them would be great!
Posted 10 years ago
mcgaritydotme says:
Something like this was just launched -- although you cannot create the note from RtM, you can start it within Evernote, link it to RtM using a Reminder. Then at that point, you can launch the note from RtM.
Posted 10 years ago
darkhelmet46 says:
It would be great if there was a two-way sync between RTM and Evernote. Any plans for that? I love the RTM shortcuts for adding tasks. Evernote reminders are somewhat limited.
Posted 10 years ago
nicozzz says:
Why new sync note are set to 8 AM? I would prefer to sync note reminders to the due date as an all-day task.
Posted 10 years ago
annevoss says:
Something like add all completed tasks to evernote
Move task to evernote [when I know the task won't be getting any attention in the forseeable future] instead of deleting a task. More like moving it to the back burner while RtM maintains those tasks that actually get attention.
Posted 10 years ago
jbnann says:
I would love to have my RTM items automatically go to Evernote. Each system is great, but together they would be fantastic. I feel like I need the same list in both places, though. Having the Evernote reminders is fine, but it's only half the battle.
Posted 10 years ago
parscheese says:
Ditto above.
I was excited to hear that you can use RTM and Evernote together but was puzzled when I couldn't find the familiar elephant icon next to my tasks in RTM. I would have expected that it would work both ways.

My task flow is always to capture the task in RTM first, then flesh out details in evernote. If I could create the task, then create an evernote note from that task that would be perfect!

Then.. make it all work on the mobile versions too!

Thanks in advance.
Posted 10 years ago
coyotepod says:
For this new "feature" to be useful you'd have to start everything with EN and then follow up in RTM (if I understand correctly). I am primarily an RTM user and never got into EN much, so I'd have to change my flow :-/. Using EN for advanced notes or archiving would be awesome. I guess its progress though
Posted 10 years ago
major_grooves says:
I vote for this too! Sync between two systems is only really good when it is two-way.
Posted 10 years ago
oefree says:
I want very much the two way systems between EN and RTM for making and modify. When is it possible..? I believe that RTM will open the system sonner.
Posted 10 years ago
rpayne777 says:
me too! get it going as that's the whole reason I want to use RTM. and I think that sync is worth the pro account, because no one else is doing it!
Posted 9 years ago
ecdedios says:
Any update on this?
Posted 9 years ago
odhinn0 says:
Evernote isn't showing up in RTM lots 😬
Posted 7 years ago
(closed account) says:
Why is it necessary to use a reminder for linking EN to RTM?
Why dosen´t it work without a reminder? The current method leads to lots of unnecessary reminders in RTM, just to be linked to EN.
Posted 7 years ago
masertor says:
Any updates? This would be a great feature...
Posted 6 years ago
cjdenbow says:
Seems very limited as it is now implemented. It should be a two-way sync.
Posted 2 years ago
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