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Use left swipe for "complete" and other options

john.farrell says:
In the Sparrow app for iPhone (with very similar hierarchy), you can left swipe to bring up a few key options for emails. I'd love to see this for RTM tasks (options like complete, postpone, edit).

Like this:
Posted at 6:34pm on May 14, 2012
action.manager says:
Oops, missed this and posted it myself:

Can the RTM team merge the requests?
Posted 5 years ago
action.manager says:
Ah, that was quick :) Thanks!
Posted 5 years ago
janvanderploeg says:
When a task is selected, you can swipe, see the details and select complete, postpone or trash. I like that more, so -2.

It would be nice though, that once the task has completed or trashed that way, the task-view card would show up automatically again.
Posted 5 years ago
simphonic says:
Yes please!!!!! Totally agree with janvanderploeg regarding the three actions of Complete, Postpone and Delete.
Posted 5 years ago
simphonic says:
Just clarifying my +2 vote is for the ability to swipe right to left, then have the 3 action options of Complete, Postpone and Delete.
Posted 5 years ago
mspecker says:
Needs to be a swipe-to-complete gesture in the new iPhone UI. It seems to me that it's more frequently the case that you'd want to complete a task with a left-to-right swipe on a task instead of going back to the main list. Maybe keep this left-right list screen swipe behavior only on the top bar of the List, e.g. swiping the list's name left-to-right gets you to the page with all lists. This would better maintain the context of the gesture.

Clicking on the task opens it just fine.

[Off topic, but IMHO the yellow highlight is confusing. A clicked task made yellow-highlighted should be operated on by the "Edit" button exclusively. Also, touching a yellow-highlighted task again should toggle the yellow. Neither of these things are true. The edit button just makes everything check-able like always. And you can't un-highlight once you have highlighted any one task. The screen opens with no highlights yet after an initial selection, you can't un-highlight. Net, net I see no benefit to the yellow highlighting as implemented and its state behavior is inconsistent with a selection metaphor.]

Yes, I do realize that a click-and-hold brings up a "Complete" check-box. But that makes completing a task too hard -- a touch and hold gesture AND a check-box click.

To give the interface an "oops" capability, on a left-to-right completion swipe, consider leaving an optional box to tap with the "back arrow" undo capability like you have in the full task screen after you hit the check mark to complete.
Posted 5 years ago
john.farrell says:

I don't see how your idea is incompatible. You can have those options when you tap a task, but why not also have a swipe option? I'd say keep the existing UI and add the swipe option. Just like I can select an email from a list in Gmail and archive or open it and then archive.
Posted 5 years ago
dgmckenna says:
Please restore swipe to complete to the new UI from the old UI.

Holding to complete is frustrating.
Posted 4 years ago
solars says:
+1 for this, holding to complete is extremely slow
Posted 3 years ago
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