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Emacs Org-Mode integration

rtmrick says:
Org-mode is a package for the Emacs text editor: There is a lot of one-to-one correspondence in the usage of data and meta-data between it and RTM.

I use Org-mode and would love to be able to integrate it with RTM. But first, two questions.

1. Is there anyone here (RTM developers or users) who has Org-mode talking to RTM (in *any* way, e.g. through the RTM API or wholesale export/import dumps)?

2. Is there anyone (besides me) who is interested in the idea of an Org-mode/RTM integration?

If integration between RTM and Org-mode already exists, I would love to hear about it and your love or war stories using it. Otherwise, I would be willing to work with other elisp developers to write one for Org-mode which talks to RTM through the RTM API. Please let me know if you are interested by posting here. Thanks a lot! --Rick
Posted at 7:53pm on March 17, 2012
markewallace says:
Old topic (nearly a year), but I'll jump in and say that I would LOVE to have this ability. I have just discovered both RTM and orgmode in the same week. I am using the web interface and my phone to add/del/mod tasks, but I really like the idea of using orgmode, even though I am new to it. I love the power that orgmode appears to have.

That said, I'm not a developer, so I really can't help the effort. I can already say that I would be willing to pay a sensible price for something that could sync to & from RTM and OM.

- Mark
Posted 11 years ago
jromine says:
I just found this:

I haven't tried it yet. I'll post the results when I do.
Posted 10 years ago
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