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Tasker integration (Android)

(closed account) says:
There are various ways to implement this, all detailed on their developer page. but it would allow automation of various things.
Posted at 9:11am on January 30, 2012
kaymvoit says:
That would be a great thing. I am currently using Tasker and Astrid to automatically alert the "After work" list items as soon as I leave work. As I am quite unhappy with Astrid I would instantly get on premium with RTM.
It should have:
- Force sync (to be sure I got the last tasks from my wife)
- Alert items from list
- Add task (something I am missing at Astrid)
Posted 8 years ago
mclei says:
I would also like list popups as Tasker action. It will be great if shopping list pops up when leaving work or list with task assigned to special events (charger plugged = at home, bluetooth connected = in car + based on location) ......
Posted 8 years ago
flakmunky says:
The Tasker Launch App feature allows you to pass data to an app on launch... All of these suggestions (and more) would be really cool...

Posted 8 years ago
insanimal says:
Integration with tasker would be awesome. Tasker has great support for plugins so it shouldn't be too hard to make one for remember the milk.

This would allow for some really great stuff, for instance having a single button shortcut that can be added to a car home app, that runs tasker actions to get a task description by voice and automatically add it to remember the milk
Posted 8 years ago
dfsteen says:
Hi All,

I've writen an RTM library for Tasker. Check it out here:

It's a javascript library rather than a plugin, but it will allow you to interact with your RTM Tasks in Tasker.

Please report any errors on the github page rather than here.
Posted 7 years ago
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