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Add support for more SMS providers

leesto says:
It would be good to see the number of SMS providers increased.

For example, there are some major ones missing for the UK. I'm on Vodafone and can't specify them as a provider. Even when selecting 'Other' I still don't receive SMS reminders.
Posted at 5:44pm on January 5, 2012
(closed account) says:
As I've had some issues with SMS reminders ome time ago (on german Eplus, though): You'd have to enable the service with your provider, which I could do with a command sent via SMS (couldn't find that info on the company site…had to dig up some private enthusiasts site for that). At least I would have been charged 0,19€ per SMS sent by RTM, so I chickend out of this…
Posted 8 years ago
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