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Add a 'time spent' field

jackforester says:
There is a "Time Estimate" field, how about an "Actual Time Spent" field for tasks, so that the person completing the task can show how much time it actually took them to complete the task (or perhaps make that part of the "Complete Task" button). Or better yet, have a "Time Spent" button, to track time spent on tasks not yet complete. Total up this time as "Time Spent" is submitted.

Specifically, I need this in the iPhone app, but this should probably be in all interfaces.

I want to be able to pay my son for work completed based on time it took to complete the task (honor system), but I need a way for him to enter his time. This would also allow me to better estimate the time required for future tasks.

Posted at 2:43pm on January 3, 2012
ranbarton Power Poster says:
While you wait for this, could you use the time estimate fields to hold the time spent data? They will total for you, too.
Posted 8 years ago
quanticle says:
Well, the reason I'd like separate time estimate and time spent fields is because I want to get better at estimating how long tasks are going to take me. Without being able to track both (estimated time and time spent) it's difficult to know how far off my estimates are.
Posted 6 years ago
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