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Splunk-like short format for due dates

graham.poulter says:
The RTM accepted formats for due dates is rather verbose and limiting.

On the web-app it autocompletes some days of the week, which is helpful.

However, RTM lacks a shorthand for expressing other dates. Splunk has a decent relative date format based on h(hour), d(day), w(week), m(month), y(year), as [+-]N[hdwmy]. So -3d is 3 days ago, +3m is 3 months from now.

It also uses "@" to snap to a particular date in the range. So 2w@w3 is 2 weeks from now, snapping to 3rd day of the week (Tuesday).

Here is the full format:
Posted at 11:04am on December 18, 2011
sn3akyp3t3 says:
Its too geeky not to like. Its clean and resembles somewhat database time/date representations. I support it.
Posted 5 years ago
stuart.l.gordon says:
It might take a bit of getting used to but once you are, it would be efficient and accurate. It also wouldn't impede on users who don't use the function. Nice idea.
Posted 5 years ago
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