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Auto-adjust width of web app to full screen width

(closed account) says:
I have a standard 1920x1080px Screen, a big white Stripes to the left and one to the right and a tiny litte site in the middle, with two rows of lists...

Please do a width=100%-Website instead of 800px
Posted at 8:36am on August 29, 2011
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We redesigned the app with this in mind: the new Remember The Milk will auto-adjust to your screen width.

We hope you like it!
Posted 8 years ago
black.puppydog says:
Was thinking about proposing this myself.
Personally, I would use the freed up space to show notes alongside tag, location etc instead of tabbed.
On the left side, ideally, there would be the lists (like in "a bit better rtm") and sublists ;)
Just to proove there is enough content to justify a full width web app.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
This would be really useful given that I imagine most users have widescreen monitors these days. It makes no sense that the app is all bunched up in the middle.
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
I too would like to see better use of screen real estate. As suggested allowing 100% width would be great.

This will also help the tabs of lists/smart lists as they don't look awfully good once they start wrapping.
Posted 11 years ago
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