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Support for ClearContext

tjasper says:
Clearcontext is a great MS Outlook plug in that is extensively used by outlook users to manage tasks, projects and email. Its a great tool and I highly recommend it to outlook users. Clearcontext users often request an iphone/ipad app. RTM is a fantastic fit for clearcontext.

However clearcontext uses a custom field to manage projects. This field is then copied to an outlook category (list). This limits rtm/clearcontext 2 way compability within outlook.

Would it be possible for RTM to add optional functionality to Outlook milksync to update the clearcontext field to enable true 2 way compatibility between the outlook plug in and RTM on ipad/iphone?
Alternatively perhaps outlook milksync could be made customisable to allow a selected generic outlook field to be updated with the RTM list name as well as the usual outlook category.

I'm sure you would have some very happy campers from both sides if this was implementable!

Posted at 6:56am on August 26, 2011
tlambie says:
I believe a custom field mapper for milksync would solve this for clear context and other outlook plugins once and for all. It would be great
Posted 8 years ago
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