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Several Ideas

lettertiep says:
*setting priorities editing multiple tasks
what I find very confusing is the way priorities are handled. When you have multiple tasks selected, and you set a priority RTM sets the priority for all the tasks selected. This is contrary to the "multiple edit" way of changing the properties of the tasks. In the end a priority is also a property of a task imo.

* expandable list (for groups of tasks)
It would be handy for having groups of tasks (like for 'projects' in the GTD workflow) with an expandable group-name. (See also Apple Mail with the grouping of certain messages). The tricky thing will be the sorting of all the tasks.

* editable UI (own css)
Don't get me wrong — I like the interface of RTM very much, but sometimes I like to tweak it a little. In Backpack you have the option of inserting some CSS in the body of the document which overrules the standard styles. Would be nice in RTM.

* markdown in notes / room for notes
Can you implement Markdown ( in the notes? (or in the whole site?). It would be easy to structure your notes this way (lists etc). I also believe the notes should have a little more room (maybe like an extra 'layer' in front of the task à la Lightbox — — but without hiding the whole site)

* reminder per task
It would be very handy to set reminders per task, not for all tasks at once. I like to be remembered for some tasks (like birthdays) but not for others, otherwise my mailbox would be overloaded again :-).

voila! thanx for a wonderful app!
Posted at 11:29am on November 7, 2006
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