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Support for cancelled tasks

almondwine says:
I don't want to delete a task just because I don't think I'll get around to it for awhile, but if I realize I won't get around to it for awhile I don't necessarily want it hanging around either. I'd like to see a "Cancelled Tasks" support that involves a little more than a new list that I have to create.

Posted at 2:57am on July 6, 2011
bcasteel says:
I like the idea of cancelled, too. I don't know if it'd be the right use of cancelled to say that you're not going to get around to it "for a while" (there's other ways you can do that with the current RTM), but that's more about how a person would use this feature than about whether the feature should exist.

In general, I think there's a difference between deleting and cancelling. I might delete a task if I've got a duplicate or something like that. But cancelling means that I'm not going to do the task, not that there was something wrong with the data that I'd entered for the task.

An example of using this might just be that I think I don't have to do something, so I cancel it, and then later I'm like, oh, I do need to do it after all! So I uncancel it (just like I can uncomplete). It wasn't that I'd used the cancel state to postpone a task, it's that I thought I could cancel doing it, and I needed a way to undo that.

(You could potentially use the trash bin idea from for the same functionality.)
Posted 5 years ago
txshawn says:

I'll give the use-case here. A new restaurant opened near my house. Passing by seeing the "now open" sign I created a note "Try out suchandsuch".

Came home, read some Yelp reviews, decided "nah". So I added a note saying why not. I don't want to mark it complete because I didn't go. I don't want to delete it because I lose the note.

Right now my only real solution is to move the due date to 2099 (or some other out-of-my-way date) and give it a tag of #cancelled (and fight, my brothers and sisters this modernist idea that cancelled has only one L!).

That's well and good, but I'm OCD and it's imprecise; it isn't due in a hundred years, it's just cancelled. This happens to me with a decent amount of frequency in both personal and work situations (project put on indefinite hold, etc.). It'd be nice to have support for it.
Posted 4 years ago
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