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Pocket Informant HD integration (iPad)

don.davis says:
On the Ipad there is a program called Pocket Informant HD and it integrates well with a calendar and task list. The one thing it is missing is integration with RTM and it would be very valuable to have everything in one place.

The company that makes Pocket Informant claims that you need to work with them to integrate data from your site.
Posted at 4:13am on July 4, 2011
holly.corbett says:
I second this - your iPad app is awesome, but the way Informant does the GTD thing is golden.. and it integrates with my calendar... this would be super awesome since it'd deal with some of Informant's shortcomings by RTM's awesomeness (i.e. being able to open the list from anywhere there is interweb without having to drag my iPad about)...unless you want to start subtasking? :) ;)
Posted 12 years ago
ciaran.devine says:
Absolutely a good idea to me. pocket informant needs a synced service, and currenlty works with toodle-do, as they do not provide that service.

I like the RTM brand and will be happy to maintain my subscription if I have the option to use it with the apps I choose.... I'd Rather use PI than any other app, so I will ultimately sync to whatever works.

I dont understand the point on giving this idea the thumbs down to be honest.
Posted 12 years ago
tshults says:
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
Just got Informant HD for the iPad and would LOVE to be able to sync with RTM.
Posted 12 years ago
pshaddock says:
i really struggle on how to handle this as RTM does not truly accept attachments such as pdf nor does it really assign tasks to others. So with RTM, you are kind of a loner as you don't have your file attachments you need and you cant work with others. Other than that RTM is a beautiful system.
Posted 10 years ago
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