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Linux desktop app

thedoson says:
Not just browser add-ons or phone apps but I'd love to have an official RTM app for my desktops, laptops, netbooks.. for all operating systems esp Linux (ubuntu).

p.s I am sure it won't be that hard for you guys to make a beautiful app. and it won't take much time either. You are pros LOL

Posted at 9:37pm on May 20, 2011
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We just launched Remember The Milk for Linux! We hope you like the new app. :)
Posted 7 years ago
gfe says:
I use Remember the Task on my Linux desktop and netbook and it works quite well.
Posted 12 years ago
rmezger says:
Adobe Air will no longer be an option for Linux desktop users as it is no longer developed for Linux. "Remember the Task" would not be a good option.

I am currently trying native apps like "Getting Things Gnome" and "Tasque". Neither of them are suiting me well though :(
Posted 12 years ago
capemayal says:
I have a pro acc't, and I feel there should be support for ALL mainstream OS and e-mail/calender clients.
Posted 12 years ago
florian.wilhelm says:
I completely agree with capemayal. There should be a Linux client given that so many people are using it.
Posted 12 years ago
ljkenny says:
I agree.

Tasque is okay for viewing tasks, but seems incapable to complete them correctly.

A purpose-built Linux application (for all distros) would be great.

You have my vote.
Posted 12 years ago
dawez says:
Tasque is ok but still in early stages of developing...
Posted 12 years ago
dygituljunky says:
My wife and I have Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows machines. Native applications for each of these OSes would provide opportunities for pop-up reminders, spoken reminders, and offline task management.
Posted 11 years ago
kerrpe says:
I use it constantly on my win down tablet, but the need for an internet connection really slows my productivity. I'd love to see a desktop version!
Posted 11 years ago
werru says:
Getting Things Gnome disable plugin for RTM. But it will be enable in 3.0 version. They are working on it
Tasque is baggy
Posted 11 years ago
aster69 says:
I tried Tasque, gmilk and Getting Things Gnome but none of them worked very well on Ubuntu. I mean, if you just check tasks then they're ok, but it's hard to manage them. ( BTW, Tasque is relatively good, both in UI and function.)
RTM should consider developing desktop apps for Linux because sometimes we really need to deal with tasks offline.
Posted 9 years ago
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