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Use the sender email address to know which Remember The Milk account to add the task to

roniyaniv says:
It's a feature I saw on springpad.

When you send a task to, say,, it will know to add it to your account based on the sender email (if it's the same as the registered account, you can send a task from almost anywhere, without having to remember a complicated email address).

For example, on springpad, you can send the email to, and based on your sender email, it will know into which account to add it.
Posted at 1:15pm on May 18, 2011
mats.kirknes says:
Tripit does the same thing, and I live the simplicity of it. No more cryptic specialised emails to manage - just your own.

The could receive any email, and direct it depending on senders registered email(s).

Fantastically simple - simply fantastic.
Posted 6 years ago
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