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Tweet your completed tasks (names or stats)

amirmasoudabdol says:
I really liked twitter update that you offered in New Year. It's really cool and I really want to continue send my completed tasks in Twitter. I think it's cool and make so much fun.
And it's really help RTM to show his power to the world. I mean that If there is an option that allow people to send completed task to twitter with #rtm tag or something like that. The #rtm tag in twitter grow tremendously.
I can offer two option:
1. AutoTweet number of completed task each day to twitter at the end of the day. (This cause mass amount of #rtm in twitter at the same time)
2. Ability to send information about task name or number of completed task after completing each one in Orange Box that appear at the top.

I'm sure that high amount of people like this. Please help to develop this Idea. I think developing this Idea isn't difficult for your brilliant guy.
Posted at 1:20pm on February 19, 2011
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