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Export tasks to a text file

bakert says:
I suspect this feature is too specific to me to ever be implemented. But BOY would I use it if it were. I'm posting it here in case people have ideas that give me similar functionality.

I'd like to be able to get at my lists in plain text.

Something simple like


or something jazzier like:

task1|2006-09-15 23:00||
task3|2006-10-01 12:00|withbob,work

And I'd also really like to be able to go the other way. That is, import/synchronise a plain text list I have written with what is on the site.


Well, a few reasons. Primarily:

1. A human-readable backup.
2. Easy manipulation with Unix commandline tools like cut, sort, etc.
3. Use offline. Take a copy of "To Do", mess with it on your train journey, sync it at the other end.

Of course I can implement this myself with the API. But for me, an XML-talking API with frobs and all the rest is just too heavy. No offence to the guys who have implemented a great application and a very featureful API. But it seems to be aimed more at big gun, full-on features/apps than light spry little features that you knock off in half an hour.

(My commandline task adder - so I needn't open a browser just to add a task - actually sends a mail to my task adding address rather than use the API because it was just so much easier to implement it that way.)

So, am I the only Linux-on-the-desktop, terminal-and-plaintext-fixated remember the milk user typing away at 1 in the morning when he should be asleep? Or are there more of you out there?

Posted at 11:54pm on September 14, 2006
shay.andrews says:
Well, I would like this too, but for a different reason. I want to be able to sync my RTM with my iPod nano, using the iPod's Notes feature, which accepts plain-text. I'd also like to be able to embed a plain-text version of my RTM to my desktop, using Samurize. I've been all over the place trying to find a way to make this work. I may have to just do it myself with the API, although I have the same reservations about that as you.
Posted 13 years ago
kay2thbee says:
Hmm, not looking good for getting the go-ahead. Nonetheless, I just want to email folks on my team about a list of tasks and not have to grab the text of each one individually. Even a simple multiselect followed by copy to clipboard would be helpful.
Posted 1 year ago
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