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Dark theme and adjustable transparency widget

planetlowe says:
I know this is a purely cosmetic request and I don't expect it to have any sort of priority, but I figured I would ask.

Adjustable transparency and a dark theme would really make the widget shine. Sticks out like a sore thumb on my homescreen right now. Jorte is a great example of a widget with adjustable transparency and a dark theme.

I love RTM. Thanks for all the development!
Posted at 3:56pm on December 9, 2010
infamy says:
Seconded, that would be fantastic. It looks a bit rough right now.
Posted 8 years ago
bdoherty says:
Thirded, all my other apps are dark and semi transparent.
Posted 8 years ago
alexlavr says:
I think this should be a high priority feature. Since the widget is on my Android Homescreen, I look at it a lot more often than the website.

The widget should be dark and/or somewhat transparent.

Posted 8 years ago
jollyb says:
transparent RTM widget - +1
that would be so awesome :)
Posted 8 years ago
soulruins says:
Really need. In Android black theme is the most popular.
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
+1 on Android Widget
Posted 8 years ago
orsoni says:
+1 really needed, it's not just looks it's power saving on oled displays
Posted 7 years ago
hogneb says:
Posted 7 years ago
xd4d3v says:
+2 @alexlavr
Posted 7 years ago
nielskob says:
please give us a dark theme - during night time a light theme is kind of annoying. Especially when pretty much anything else I am using has a dark theme.
Posted 2 years ago
hornedowl says:
Posted 1 year ago
drhassanmumtaz1972 says:
Please create a dark theme on android app. Many others including todoist and ticktick do it. And now Android pie also has a night mode
Posted 14 weeks ago
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