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Ask if you want to change timezones if the system time and Remember The Milk time don't match

mshancock says:
A number of times I've run into issues with postponing and incorrect dates and later realized it was because of my time zone not being changed in RTM. This happens infrequently enough that I forget how to fix it, but frequently enough to cause frustration.

It would be great to have RTM ask me if I want to change time zones (much like Google Calendar does) when it notices that the system time and RTM time don't match. It would probably also help to warn that, if you don't do this, your tasks might not act as expected.
Posted at 2:30pm on August 24, 2010
trantjd says:
I completely agree! I have set my phone to not automatically update the time based on my location just so RTM dates work correctly. As such, I've got to adjust the time in my head anytime I travel. This shouldn't be this hard to deal with, especially when I very rarely use anything other than a specific day for when tasks are due (no time).
Posted 5 years ago
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