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mvonrose says:
It would be great to see smart lists able to be sorted by list. Say I have 3 work lists A, B and C that are shown in a smart list called All Work. It would be great to have items for each A, B and C list grouped together under the All Work list.
Posted at 3:04am on August 10, 2010
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This sorting option (and more!) are available in the new Remember The Milk. Thanks for everyone's feedback on this!
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
Hi mvonrose, you can change the names (and delete/add) different task headings when you go to your Settings then Lists and change what you want. Unfortuantely there is no possible way at the moment (fingers crossed!) that you can put sub-headings on RTM. Soz.
I hope I helped you out a bit!

Posted 13 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Indeed, it is a good question. Cue the following recording...

Sorting, as it exists, was not originally part of RTM. It was added on 8/1/07, and those three sort options (priority, date, alphabetical) are much better than nothing, but...

These boards are littered with threads by people suggesting different sorting schemes. A very non-comprehensive list follows, including several that ask for just what you desire...

So when you hear cranky ol' timers lament that the UI of the RTM site has lain dormant while other things have been attended to - GMail, iPhone, Android, &c. - this is exactly the sort of thing we're talking about. I really hope some basic things, like per-list, multi-variate, customizable sorting, are addressed before Bob turns his attention to iPads and Outlook syncing, for example.

* The idea that smartlists have access to an operator that would specify sorting is one of the many great ideas found in the threads above. I think that would help make RTM's best feature even better.
Posted 13 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Ran!

Bob feels that the web app is very important (or at least I think that's what the devilish grin means?).

He is quite the multitasking monkey though, so I hope you'll forgive him if he's also got his attention on, as you say, iPads and Outlook syncing (which are, ahem, excellent examples *cough*).
Posted 13 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Hello Emily - You know I'm one of your greatest fans, so please don't take my harumphing the wrong way.

Were Bob to code an Outlook sync-a-majig, boy oh boy would people on this board be excited. And an iPad client might go a long way to pushing me towards getting one of those gadgets.
Posted 13 years ago
richard.davey says:
Hi. How's the multi- tasking going?

This thread has been quiet for a while, so I thought i'd see how the sorting options are coming along
Posted 13 years ago
david.jdr.roberts says:
Please add me to the list of folks who are looking for better sorting. Specifically I'd love to be able to sort by List name as suggested above. A workable alternative for me would be to sort by tag.
Posted 13 years ago
lillytryon says:
Just adding myself as a user who would find it very helpful to sort by lists!
Posted 13 years ago
ssp5a1 says:
Agreed - that you can't sort by list or tags is very disappointing, and has me considering switching back to Toodledo. What good is an All Tasks view if you can't see the List to which the task belongs. The iPhone app displays the List to which the task belongs in its smart lists, so one would think that the ability to do the same would be a part of the web app (All Tasks, smart lists, etc.).
Posted 13 years ago
eric.hughs says:
Sort by List Name...

Hey Bob,

I have a confession. I briefly switched to Toodledo because they offered sort by list name and had an easy-to-use note feature. (I do love my notes.) Please don't be offended. I came rushing back because of your multi-task-edit capabilities. I still do long for sort by list name or even to have it as a one-click view. If you could take a moment to sneak this little feature in between your other awesome work , I would be forever grateful.

Posted 12 years ago
jmhill926 says:
Add me to the list of folks who would recommend RTM to EVERYONE THEY KNOW if only it could be sorted by tags or more, not just priority and date.
Posted 12 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
I think this sorting request should be merged with this one here (, which is (as far as I can tell) the mother of all "More sorting options, please!" thread.
Posted 12 years ago
mellen says:
As everyone else has said, there are lots of suggestions for different sorting options from customers, and clearly we all want more of it.

Sorting by list and tag is in line with RTM staff answer that lists and tags already provide some sorting capabilities. Also, frankly it seems pretty simple to envision and implement.
Posted 12 years ago
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