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New search operator: added

norz says:
I recently created a task, but I can't remember what name I gave.
To find this task, I'd like to be able to search my tasks using a "created date" criteria.
Thank you! :)
Posted at 4:42pm on July 25, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Ever wanted to search your tasks by the date they were added to Remember The Milk? Meet our new advanced search operator, added, and his friends addedBefore, addedAfter, and addedWithin. Please see our blog post for more details.
Posted 10 years ago
norz says:
also: it would be nice to see the creation date when the task is selected.
maybe in a dimmed color (eg: like the timestamps on this forum)
Posted 11 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
There's an old 'improved sorting methods' thread where the request was made to sort by creation date, but it'd be a great start if we could see the date at all.

+1 for this useful suggestion.
Posted 11 years ago
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