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Total time spent on completed tasks

ademoor says:
When toggling between completed and incomplete tasks of a given list, I see the same time estimate of the incomplete tasks also occurring on the completed tasks-list. Is there a way to see the total time _spent_ on completed tasks? Would be even better if one could indicate the range of dates between which to add up those time-spents. This would be very useful when reporting to the boss on how much more time a certain project took than he thinks it did :-)
Posted at 8:01pm on July 5, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
ademoor, there's currently no way to see time estimates for completed tasks -- but that's something we can look at adding if people would find it useful to see how much time they've spent :)
Posted 17 years ago
irian says:
I second this request :)
It's also rewarding to see how much time you've already spent on a task, and helps on answering the question "what did I do with my day?"
Posted 17 years ago
shk says:
Yes, good idea! Definately allows for better time management.

Make this an optional feature though, as we don't want the window to get too crowded. :D
Posted 17 years ago
stijnchristiaens says:
This could easily be a subpart of the overview. Click overview, then choose whether you want past, present, short and distant future.

This kind of functionality is really hot, as it is ideal for management. Managers really crave this kind of information, because they can know and understand where all their people's time (and their money) has gone to. As such, this would also be ideal in rememberthemilk key selling points.
Posted 17 years ago
ademoor says:
Sounds good. For now, the binary distinction between (default) future and past view would already be great.

Emily: just a simple adding up of time spent would be _so_ helpful. Right now, I am adding up hours by hand, adding to the stress that this great service helps reduce otherwise! No need to implement major new functionality, you could just reuse whatever you use now to calculate total time on to do-s, if 'past' overview is selected, you would naturally look back, you can even use the same layout as for the to do-view.

Dreaming on, a more complete 'reporting module' would be great: select a few tags and/or lists, start-end dates, level of detail, and a printable html-page could be generated that I could show to my boss to convince him that I really need that holiday...
Posted 17 years ago
douglascaixeta says:
This feature will be just perfect!!!!
Please do it!
Posted 15 years ago
mayberrypie says:
Yes I would really really like this feature to be added!
Posted 14 years ago
(closed account) says:
This one feature is what is keeping me from using RTM. I've found it so useful in The Hit List (app for mac) that I've switched to that, even though it doesn't have any syncing capabilities. I would gladly support RTM with a pro account if this feature was available.
Posted 14 years ago
robzyc says:
I would also really, REALLY love to see "Time Spent" added to RTM.. I am also currently tracking by hand it is a real pain (easy to forget etc) - plus estimates vs actual is such a common requirement for many time management processes.
Posted 14 years ago
djredmond says:
I too would like to see the ability to show time spent compared to time estimated to compare time spent to time estimated. Id like to see how good the estimates are that Im giving to my clients.
Posted 14 years ago
azif says:
I would simply like to be able to measure how much time I devoted to a task, regardless of how much I estimated I would. This will enable me to produce reports on how I distribute my time budget among my tasks, and thus reorganize/relocate priorities.

Overall, I must take off my hat for you all: you have TRULY made a product I've learned to love within less then a week of use. Needless to say, my life is gradually, but surely, starting to get organized.

Simple tools enable lives potentialities. You have done just that.
Posted 14 years ago
benb says:
This would be a great feature. At the moment, I make sure (for work projects) to set the estimated time to be the actual time just before I copmplete it - then I can search a tag with status:complete and it will tell me the total time.

But a seperate field for actual time would be cool, as you could then see how accurate your estimates had been.
Posted 14 years ago
benb says:
Actually scratch that - when searching completed tasks it doesn't show you the total time as it does with incomplete ones. That would be good too.
Posted 14 years ago
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