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Ability to add a note at the same time as creating a new task

blackjack000 says:
One feature that I would really appreciate, and I feel there is a need for, is being able to add a note to a task that is being newly created.

I usually work through my tasks in a Smartlist, and I will create a new task by going Menu-->Add task. After I am finished entering all my information criteria, and if the criteria does not match that of the Smartlist I am currently in, I save the task and I do not have the opportunity to put a note in at that time. I usually end up doing a search for a keyword in the task, then adding a note to it.

I would like there to be the option to create a new task, have have an option under the menu like Menu-->Add note, as there is for adding other fields.

Just to clarify: I understand that there is an Add Note option when viewing a task--I am specifically asking for that function to be listed when in the Edit or Create task screen, to save me some time.
Posted at 1:57pm on April 1, 2010
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This is now possible with the launch of the new Remember The Milk.

When adding a task, once you've finished specifying your Smart Add properties, you can type "//" followed by the note contents to add a note at the same time as the task.

Hope this helps!
Posted 7 years ago
janniklindquist says:
A task added to a smartlist, will always be added to one of the basic lists ("Inbox" if no list is related to your smarlist). So, I think that - as RTM is working now - your best option would be to:

1) create the task while in the basic list related to your smartlist (using) smartadd to add the relevant info to have your task go to the smart list

2) Find your task on the relevant basic list and add the note

It seems to me, that this will save you a few steps compared to your current method
Posted 14 years ago
mangojerry says:
It would be cool anyway if Notes could be includes in SmartAd. Allt the text following a § could fpr example
be includes as a note.
Posted 14 years ago
(closed account) says:
I agree with blackjack000. Notes are essential (for me at least), and should be easy to add.

What I would propose is making "adding a note" one of the optional fields in "default fields". (I am refering to the android application v 1.2.1 on my handheld.)
Posted 14 years ago
serodmat says:
Or, at least, that the task is selected just after you create it. Then, you use the shortcut "y" to create the note...
Posted 12 years ago
shansell says:
Most of my tasks include notes. I would like to be able to add a note at the same time as creating a task. IT seems very odd not to be able to do this and have to find the task you just entered to enter another part of the same thing.

I don't know any other database type program that forces you to do this.
Posted 12 years ago
karlo.castillo says:
Posted 12 years ago
dikkied says:
Hear hear. I spent a lot of time searching a freshly made task to be able to add a note. Please make that easier.
Posted 11 years ago
ulrik67 says:
I aggree
Posted 8 years ago
pistaccio11 says:
I agree and same thing about adding a reminder
Posted 7 years ago
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