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j and k keyboard shortcuts

willswords says:
j (move down) and k (move up) seem to operate opposite of what is intuitive (at least to me), because of the way they are located on the keyboard. Usually Left maps to Previous (up) and Right maps to Next (down).

Better yet, why not change the keyboard shortcut for up to u? That way Up is u and Down is J. Much more intuitive because you avoid the whole Left/Right Up/Down problem altogether.
Posted at 2:58pm on October 13, 2005
willswords says:
Also, i should be a toggle (select/unselect) instead of only (select).
Posted 12 years ago
claudine says:
j and k are intuitive for vi users :-)
Posted 12 years ago
willswords says:
hmmm. I confess that I am a vi illiterate. :-).
So maybe just make up either u or k. Or better yet, make the keyboard shortcuts editable.
Posted 12 years ago
alex.reid says:
Hmm… editable keyboard shortcuts would be nice for people who aren't on QWERTY keyboards, putting J and K sometimes quite far apart.

If it helps, the vimtutor file says that 'the j key looks like a down arrow', if that's useful to you.

vi is just one of those things, I guess: those who get it, get it pretty quickly and can't understand why anyone would ever do anything in a different way. Those who don't get it just mutter under their collective breath and cross to the other side of the street when they pass! :)
Posted 12 years ago
omar (Remember The Milk) says:
For what it's worth, GMail uses j/k for down/up as well.

We'll think about rebindable keyboard shortcuts. I'm sure all the Emacs users out there are want some meta key bindings also. :)

As for i toggling between deselect/select: I've always wanted to do that, but it clashes with the multi-select feature.

I.e., selecting some tasks, pressing 'i', then selecting more tasks with shift held, then pressing 'i' again.

I just press 'n'... but, I'll think about it some more.
Posted 12 years ago
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