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Task that has time estimate of sevaral days doesn't show right in Google Calendar

mike.polis says:
I have a task whose time estimate is 3 days, and it is exported to Google Calendar through iCalendar(Events) feed. The problem is that it appears in the calendar as as event of single day (the 1st day of the event), instead of an event of 3 days. The time estimate of 3 days appears only as a description of the task.

Is it a known issue, or there is a way to make it work?
Posted at 6:35pm on June 5, 2009
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Mike,
Unfortunately this isn't currently available in either iCalendar feed. Emily posted a good explanation previously:
"The reason for this is that not all tasks may have time estimates, and that the time estimate for a task isn't necessarily the same as an event duration (e.g. if a report is due at 9am and has a time estimate of 6hrs, this doesn't mean that it should show as an event for the 6hrs immediately before or after the due date -- the report may be worked on at any time)."

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Posted 8 years ago
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