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david.hogg says:
RTM works fine on a desktop PC and presumably on a laptop. With a PDA not so. I have a Toshiba e750, wi-fi enabled, and I can surf the Internet using the Internet Explorer already installed on the device. However, with most Web sites the result displayed on a PDA screen are hopeless. In particular, essentail links (such as the one that enables you to post a new item to a list) do not work, apparently because the link is split between several lines and, as a consequence, is perhaps broken. At least it seems to be.

Has RTM been designed with the PDA user in mind?
Posted at 12:28am on October 13, 2005
ab (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi David,

Currently RTM will likely not display too brilliantly on a PDA. In the future we may implement a "basic" view for PDAs, were just the List is shown on screen, so simple features such as quick checking, completing and adding tasks are possible.

Posted 12 years ago
jocke.selin says:
Can I also vote for a PDA version - I've got a Nokia 9500 Communicator and it goes with me wherever I go (almost). And having RTM accessible - even the basic features, would be a big plus!

I think the most important features would be
- Viewing tasks
- Editing adding notes
- Complete/postpone a task.

YAY for RTM!

BTW, how can this be _free_?! :D
Posted 12 years ago
epaga says:
Psst... don't tell them, jocke. They must not know they could make thousands and thousands off of this. Oops...
Posted 12 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Just wanted to confirm that a basic version of Remember The Milk is in the works. Right now it will work best in these supported browsers, but we're working on support for both older browsers and mobile devices.
Posted 12 years ago
david.hogg says:
I think it is very important to work on a mobile-device-friendly version of RTM. I can't quite understand what is meant by a basic version of RTM in the works. RTM already seems to work fine in its present form with the supported browsers in the list. It may be a good idea to cater for older browsers, too. But the really important issue in my opinion is a version for mobile devices. In this connection I don't quite agree with the three features mentioned by jocke.selin - viewing tasks, editing adding notes, and complete/postpone a task. These may be important, but surely the most important of all is adding tasks, which jocke seems to have left out - deliberately or not I don't know.
Posted 12 years ago
sean808080 says:
i'm also requesting a mobile device version of this great site.
Posted 12 years ago
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