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problem with twitter setup

roylez says:
My current status is

* twitter appears in reminder page.
* the verification code is still on
* no matter whatever message I send to rtm on twitter, it ignores it, even the verification code.

I guess my problem may be due to the fact that I started the verification yesterday during twitter's high load period.

Any help would be appreciated.
Posted at 9:15pm on January 5, 2009
adamldyer says:
At least for me, twitter tasks don't seem to be working at all today. I can't speak to yesterday, but there is definitely either a huge lag, or something not working today...
Posted 12 years ago
awormann says:
I have also had no success with anything I send to RTM today from twitter. I have had no problems with twitter itself for other uses.
Posted 12 years ago
cyberetto says:
it didn't work yesterday, either
Posted 12 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
If anyone is still experiencing problems with Twitter integration, please submit a Twitter issue report via our support system and we can check it out.

Posted 12 years ago
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