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Limiting rss by tag

dara.pressley says:
so I get that we can only share public list.... but can we limit that list by tag?
Posted at 4:45pm on December 16, 2008
lasse99 says:
you don't have to use public lists anymore :-)

set "Private Addresses" to ON in options...then you get a "hashed" URL like a password, so an answer to you question is create a smartlist with your search and grab it

or use yahoo pipes to filter out the feed or use your client RSS reader to filter..though the feeds does not include "proper" tag meta data so you have to search the "body", if you go by the last examples


ps the Private Addresses boosted RTM to really high level
Posted 12 years ago
dara.pressley says:
AHH! That is sooooooo fab. Thanks
Posted 12 years ago
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