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Netvibes vs iGoogle Widget..

antonjw says:
I've been using iGoogle for a couple of weeks, and the RTM widget works there like a charm; I can have 2 RTM widgets open, displaying different task lists in the same iGoogle tab. This is very pleasing :-)

However, I would like to move to Netvibes, but using the Netvibes RTM widget, if I have 2 of the widgets on a tab, as soon as I do something in one widget, it changes the list open in the other widget such that they're both now displaying the same list.

This is disappointing :-(

Is this something that can be fixed..? Generally Netvibes appears pretty superior to iGoogle, and I'd like to get moved over there, but will have to put it off / use both (rather inconvenient and defeating the object somewhat), until the RTM Netvibes widget can be 'fixed' / made to operate the same as the iGoogle one.

Either than or I will have to look around for other task list solutions, but would rather not :-(
Posted at 3:23pm on December 16, 2008
antonjw says:
Further to that:

it appears that the widgets do keep the setting as to which list each should be displaying, but they seem to get confused after for example if you edit a task, after you save the task, it displays the list from the other widget.

This seems to happen every time. Have just tested the same thing a few times on iGoogle and it definitely doesn't happen.

Perhaps the Netvibes widget needs to check it's own List setting after you carry out an action on any of its tasks, and that might help avoid the problem?
Posted 12 years ago
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