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RTM Gmail extension comes and goes throughout the day

weedenbc says:
This is really weird. the RTM extension in Gmail will work or not work during the day without my ever changing my Firefox settings or adding/removing any extensions.

I leave my PC running all night and usually my browser open. When I come on in the morning, usually RTM is working in gmail. But at some point during the morning, it will stop. At that point, the Wisestamp extension that i use for gmail signatures will stop working as well. However, a few to several hours later, both will suddenly start working again.

I'm positive it's my install of Firefox since it works fine on my laptop at all times. But I'm having a problem figuring out what exactly stops working and why it comes back.

The only other symptom I'm seeing is that the buttons for Rich Text formatting in my compose window don't show up. They work if you click on them (and the tooltips show up if you mouse over) but the buttons themselves are invisible.

Posted at 2:27pm on December 16, 2008
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