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RTM + GCal ... HELP :(

(closed account) says:
So as we all know, RTM doesn't let you set up selective reminders. I found this great guide, written by someone around here:

"mamona says:

I solve this problem with Google Calendar (unfortunately RTM forces me to do that).

1. I've turned off every RTM reminder (big relief)

2. I have a tag @reminder (it's easier to manage tasks with reminders by tagging them)

3. It's saved as a "Reminders" smart list (search: tag:@reminder)

4. Then I've added it to Google Calendar (iCalendar(Events)

5. In Google Calendar you can:
- turn off all reminders by default and add them manually for each task (that's awesome feature)
- or set up default remainders and modify each task's remainder if you need

So far works perfect :)"

Here's my problem... I'm lost on step 4&5 ...

I created a smart list, can someone now give me a baby-steps guide for 4+5?

Posted at 4:53pm on December 15, 2008
(closed account) says:
PS. I tried this guide and it did not work. Nothing displays in the calendar :(

That's the guide:

Also, this solution is not good either.

I don't need integration of this sort. I just need my reminder smartlist to show up as a normal calendar so that I can set up individual reminders.

Please Help :((
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:

Method one works, provided that your tasks have a specific hours due, and not days due... as in due monday.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:

The stupid thing refuses to refresh :(

WTF Google?

The only items that show up are the one which originally came with the feed, all the actions removed/added do not matter to the google calendar.

Sigh.... and I thought I had this thing working

Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
Bump. Why is gmail lagging? why is it not updating my list?
Posted 12 years ago
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