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RTM Slow - Function of Task List Length?

jkrtm says:
Hey all, been using RTM for about 6 mos now and think that it's GREAT!

As my task lists have grown (to hundreds completed), I've noticed that it takes longer to add a task to a list and can take a really long time either entering a due date or moving a lot of tasks from one list to another. IE sometimes asks me to stop running the script.

I've searched the forums and faqs but must not be entering the right keywords.

Does anyone know if this is a function of my computer's processing power, browser version, or task length? Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a work around?

Posted at 3:05pm on December 15, 2008
arvid says:
Have you tried a different browser like FF already?
Also see whether the secure webpage maybe helps you out as well;
Posted 12 years ago
jkrtm says:

Yes, I was having the problem on different broswers (Safari, FF, IE) and different versions of those broswers.

I moved all my tasks in my Personal list without due dates (about 75) (all the other tasks in my personal list had due dates) into another list (called No Due Dates) and that significantly sped everything up.

I think that when I had about 50 tasks with due dates and 75 with no due dates in my personal list, it just made everything run really slow for some reason.

Posted 12 years ago
davehacker says:
I am new to remember the milk, and it is really slow for me too:( other than that I love it. Maybe the problem is I have a ton of tasks (800 or so?) because I converted over from my outlook tasks that I have had forever. Any other ideas? It sounds like you don't have many tasks though.
Posted 12 years ago
davehacker says:
oooh maybe I posted too early...firefox seems much faster.
Posted 12 years ago
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