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Google Gears won't enable in Google Chrome

(closed account) says:
Hitting "offline" to enable Google Gears support in Google Chrome prompts me to install Google Gears - which is already installed, by default, in Chrome.

I can't enable this feature in RTM; however, other Google Gears-enabled sites appear to work fine.

Just a heads-up.
Posted at 1:06pm on December 14, 2008
evvjvp says:
FYI, I'm having this same problem. Can't do RTM offline with Chrome.
Posted 12 years ago
warren.butler says:
I had a similar problem recently. It's fixed now, but I think I had to uninstall and reinstall Chrome.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
Fixed, I notice. Thank you!
Posted 12 years ago
rjfvankeulen says:
Is this the 'official' work-around or does this still have to do with RTM not fully supporting Chrome? Does anyone know if waiting for a new installment of Chrome works as well? I'm afraid that I'll loose my Bookmarks in Chrome...
Posted 12 years ago
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