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RTM performance issues in Google Chrome

tim.byng says:
Now that Google Chrome is officially supported, would it be possible to fix the performance issue that have already been reported at least twice now:

In both of these posts, it was mentioned that Google Chrome was not supported and that's pretty much where it ended.

I'm a little surprised to see Google Chrome officially supported before resolving this issue.

Posted at 4:54am on December 14, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi tim.byng,

Can I ask if you've submitted an issue report for the issue that you're experiencing?

We've been unable to reproduce any slowness issues on the latest build of Chrome, but if it's still happening for you, it may be something specific to your account or set up.

When you submit an issue report, would it be possible to also let us know:

1) If you use Google Gears with RTM? (Gears is enabled by default in Chrome.)
2) If the site is any faster with permission for Gears disabled?

For anyone else experiencing slowness with Chrome, please submit the same information via our support system.

Posted 12 years ago
tim.byng says:
Your tips where very helpful. I do use Google Gears with RTM. When disabled, the problem is resolved (it is very fast). I completely removed RTM from the Google Gears list and then added it again. It was still very slow. It appears that my entire task list is being downloaded every time I start RTM in Chrome, as the startup time is the same the first time I started RTM with Google Gears enabled compared to all subsequent startups. I have 200+ open tasks and 500+ completed.

To reproduce this issue, I'm pretty sure that you need a large number of tasks plus Gears enabled.

I have submitted an issue report.

Posted 12 years ago
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