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trouble with twittering tasks

(closed account) says:
(sorry, posted this in another thread when it really ought to have been a new one)

anyone else having trouble with twitter task adding today? my direct messages used to work fine. But now they aren't showing up in my inbox.
Posted at 11:26pm on December 10, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi bighaugs,

Unfortunately we experienced a temporary delay in processing tasks added via Twitter earlier today (details on the status blog). Any tasks added via Twitter during this period should now be appearing in your RTM account; I apologise for any inconvenience.

If you continue to experience any issues, please let me know.

Posted 12 years ago
adamldyer says:
Could this have popped back up today? My tasks are not showing up anymore...
Posted 12 years ago
cyberetto says:
I'm finding that, too. None of my DMs are getting through.
Posted 12 years ago
cyberetto says:
I tried removing my account settings & starting again, and because RTM is not working with Twitter, I can also no long register my Twitter account :)
Posted 12 years ago
cyberetto says:
i was thinking of using RTM as my tool of choice for task management, but it doesn't look like that's possible. will look elsewhere.
Posted 12 years ago
derekerdmann says:
it isn't working for me either, but I really like RTM and am willing to wait for it to work again.

@cyberetto - give it a chance!
Posted 12 years ago
billcarroll says:
definitely problems yesterday and today with Twitter and RTM. Funny how Sandy never had issues with the integration.

DMs are way delayed. DMed some tasks yesterday and they showed up this morning.

Also, sending DMs to my wife I get the message:

"wifestwitterusername isn't your friend on Twitter. You'll need to be friends before you can send tasks to them"

Looks like twitter integration needs some real help, and I really don't think the issue is on Twitter's end given my positive experience with Sandy/Twitter integration.
Posted 12 years ago
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