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Android Browser with (m|i)

calvin.spealman says:
I tried both the mobile versions on the Android/G1 web browser, but the login screen just keeps loading again. It is successful, because it does yell at me for a wrong password. It seems to just not know I'm logged in. Yes, cookies are enabled.
Posted at 6:04pm on November 30, 2008
chicagojosh says:
I had the same problem for awhile. Are you selecting it using the trackball? I found that, if I don't select it with the touchscreen, it won't register the password properly. The characters should turn into dots after you enter them. If they don't, then the field isn't selected properly.

There are a ton of issues with using on the G1. Seeing as Desktop Safari and Chrome both behave the same, I'm thinking there's an issue with the G1's web browser. Here's hoping one side or the other comes up with a solution.
Posted 12 years ago
calvin.spealman says:
I'm touching the screen, yes. I did notice the issue with the password field, which seemed odd, and have since only tried entering the "correct" way.

I tried, too, with the exact same behavior. No other sites do this. I am trying to enjoy the TooDo app, but it takes *forever* to sync! My wife and I keep a grocery list via RTM, and we need to start the sync process before we start getting ready to leave for the store.
Posted 12 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says: is currently only optimized for the Safari browser on the iPhone/iPod touch; unfortunately it seems like Android's browser has a few differences, resulting in some quirkiness. This is on our list to look into further.

Regarding, that sounds quite strange; it's a pretty standard form that supports a wide variety of browsers. We'll check this out. Thanks for letting us know!
Posted 12 years ago
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