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Irregular Repeating Items

lizpf says:

I just started with RTM, and have a few questions I'm posting as separate topics.

Is there a way to enter a repeating sequence of tasks/events that skips occasional repeats? For example, one task I want to enter is to pick up my daughter from a club that meets Tuesdays after school, but only when school is in session (not during winter/spring break, etc.).

I really don't want multiple entries cluttering my Lists, if possible.

If I can't do this, is there a fast way of duplicating a task and changing only the date?
Posted at 8:39pm on November 29, 2008
gokunama says:
I also want to know if there's a way to do this.
Posted 12 years ago
arvid says:
Hi lizpf/gokunama,

the first option is not possible. We don't look at a holiday calendar for that.

However, you can easily create duplicate tasks for this and just change the due date;

To duplicate a task:

1. In the tasks list, select the task(s) that you wish to duplicate.
2. Click on More Actions....
3. Select Duplicate Task from the dropdown.

The selected task(s) will be duplicated. The new tasks will always be set to incomplete (even if the original tasks were already completed).

Posted 12 years ago
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