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Milksync and Windows Mobile - can we please have reminders on phone tasks based on due dates in RTM

(closed account) says:

I'm a Milksync user on Windows Mobile. It would be life-changingly good if you could pease add reminders to the phone tasks based on the *due date* of the tasks in RTM. This would align the email alerting by RTM
with the reminder functionality in windows mobile.

I am not alone in this:
..your response to that thread was that it can't be done because RTM doesn't have a 'reminder' field on tasks - but effectively RTM is treating due dates as reminder dates, and that's all we want!

Posted at 8:51am on November 28, 2008
bclementziza says:
yes yes and yes. I just purchased a pro account for the sync possibility.
And I saw that the reminders did not work with my pocket PC ..... too bad.
When can we expect this thing to be solved for pro users ?
Posted 11 years ago
bclementziza says:
Any answers ????
Posted 11 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Would it be possible to re-post this over on the Ideas forum?

Thanks! :)
Posted 11 years ago
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